Handicrafts expo a big draw

THE VJT Hall in Thiruvananthapuram has, yet again, become the venue of an exhibition which is proving to be an attraction to the city residents. The hall this time is hosting the all-India handicrafts exhibition organised by the SMSM Institute. Showcasing their wares are artisans drawn from the length and breadth of the country. A visitor to the fair is greeted by a large collection of clay artefacts of varied sizes and shapes displayed on the veranda. From the humble earthen pot to fancy shapes in clay designed to appeal to the connoisseur...the fair seeks to impress from the word go.

It is an impressive collection of artefacts done in different types of wood that catches the eye next. Small figurines and icons in sandalwood, snake-boats in rosewood and key-chains, the personnel manning the counters make sure you miss little, if any, of the products on display.

For those who use handloom clothes, the fair looks promising. Shirts, bedsheets, pillow-covers, ladies' wear and kurtas make for a hard-to-choose menu to shop from. Apart from the fact that they are modestly priced, these materials come in a wide variety of colour combinations.

One of the most selling item on display is purses and wallets. Knots of customers can be seen taking in the sales pitch for these items. Both the male and female visitors appear to be drawn to this section of the fair. Perhaps the most attractive corner of the fair is the place where Rajasthani artefacts fashioned out of white and black metal are on display. Small, medium and big elephant figures, those of peacocks and antelopes, religious icons, a relief work of the Last Supper (in black metal) and the image of Jesus in prayer are some of the items for sale in this corner.

Wooden instruments used for giving an acu-massage are also on the `hot selling' list of the fair. These include hand-held smooth rollers, tripod-knobs and rollers with spiked surfaces. The fair also has on display various household items such as different types of ladles and spoons made of wood. The fair will be on till August 16.

By Mahadevan G.

Photo: C. Ratheesh Kumar