Handbook on Kongu archaeological treasures

Staff Reporter

Coimbatore : A handbook on archaeological treasures in Coimbatore District brought out by the Archaeology department was released recently by the Collector, S. Kosalaraman, in the presence of T.S. Sridhar, Special Commissioner, Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu.

The 200-page book has been authored and compiled by the Special Commissioner with the help of Archaeological enthusiasts R. Poonkundran and P. Gowthamaputhiran. The book, priced at Rs. 41, would be a boon to those who want to explore the history and archaeological facts of the Kongu region. Though every district brought out a handbook on tourism, industries and temples, the focus on archaeology had been lacking.

Hence, the Archaeology Department had embarked on a mission to bring out handbooks or guide for every district, Mr. Sridhar said. The Department had brought out similar publications in four other districts and Coimbatore was the fifth.

"Very shortly, the department would compile archaeological treasures in every district" he added. While archaeological history would talk about the rulers, wars and their administrative skills, archaeological facts would help a person learn more on the weaponry and currency used by the then rulers.

Of the Roman coins unearthed in Tamil Nadu so far, 70 per cent of them were from Coimbatore region. Such details gave an indication that trade and industry flourished in this region. Of the 27 excavations of rich archaeological treasures so far, four had been in Coimbatore district. Monomboly near Anaimalai and Pooluvapatti near Thondamuthur had rich archaeological treasures.



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