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Partha Bagchi

Partha Bagchi  

HE IS either made the butt of ridicule or there is a great deal of sympathy. For a stammering person, not only he is very conscious of the problem but the self-esteem takes a beating. Several persons do try out hypnosis and speech therapy with varying degree of success but there hasn't been a clinching cure. Here's a `specialist' with a claim to provide a definite cure. Meet Partha Bagchi, the founder-president of `Stammering Cure Centre' in Bangalore. For little more than a decade now, he has been treating stammering people. And, his magic potion is based on simple technique of self-motivational skills, vocal exercises, regulated speaking and so on.

``Stammer is the most neglected problem. It is not a disease as nothing is wrong with the tongue, throat or any speech organ. It is a psychological problem occurring due to fear, nervousness, lack of confidence, excitement, etc. It can be overcome with a practice oriented treatment, earlier the better,'' says Bagchi. He promises positive results within 15 to 20 days and an effective cure if the therapy is followed over a eight-month period. Bagchi is no medical professional or a psychologist, in fact he is a chartered accountant by profession! ``For 26 years I myself suffered from stammering.

It was humiliating and depressing. I met several professionals, including speech therapists, without much success. Finally I devised my own mechanism.''

Live classes are more effective, he insists. "By constant practice of breathing exercises and public speaking I did improve and you have to be at it as there is a danger of relapse,'' says a research student of Bagchi. ``I take this as a God-given gift. I chucked my practice within a year of understanding my technique. I am satisfied when I watch people overcome stammer,'' says Bagchi. The specialist is currently running a workshop at Hotel Sai Prakash on Nampally Station road till December 18 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By Geetanath V.

Photo: Satish. H

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