Greening the City

GREENING THE Temple City appears to be an out of the way process for officials since the project was launched two years back.

The torrid heat and the insufficient summer rains add to the bygone efforts of the Corporation and the Forest department.

When the plant in front of the residence of the Corporation Commissioner itself lies dead within the fence, this one in Simmakkal stands only as another example for the failure of the project.

There are so many samples of dried and uncared saplings throughout the city.

The public are also to be blamed, says a plant lover. Why not the residents and the shop owners take up the task of sprinkling water on the flora nearby their place instead of disowning the `environmental responsibility', though unassigned, to the Government workers, he asks.

Perhaps an environmental sensitisation programme for the common man would prove fruitful for `greening the city' project opine plant lovers.

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