Go global

FOR HOME-GROWN critics of globalisation, things couldn't get worse. At first, it was the Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, who belied their expectations when he advised them to give up their blind opposition to the concept of globalisation and adopt a pragmatic approach.

This week, it was the turn of the State Governor, Sukhdev Singh Kang, to stress the futility of trying to resist the forces of globalisation. Inaugurating the 25th Indian Social Science Congress, he had the skeptics squirming in their seats when he sounded a note of optimism about the advantages of integrating into the global village. Mr. Kang said ideological opposition should not stand in the way of the State's development.

The Governor cited the example of China to illustrate how globalisation could be used as an engine for economic growth. ``India, however, has been clinging to the past'', he said.

For critics who were expecting Mr. Kang to launch a scathing attack on globalisation, the only relief came when he identified it as the chief culprit for the slump in price of cash crops in Kerala.

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