Glamorous world

FASHION IS a language that tells a story about the person who wears it. "Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand," according to Katherine Hamnett, a top British fashion designer.

The fashion-designing world over is one of the most glamorous fields and hence it is of little surprise that it continues to be dominated by names associated with the glitterati. With globalisation and increasing fashion awareness among people, latest trends come in vogue across the world in no time.

In such a scenario, designers are busy forecasting the `ideal' wears for all seasons and occasions. Students of the Department of Apparel and Fashion Technology of Kumaraguru College of Technology had taken up a project to design and make bridal and casual wears. For the bridal dress, students provided innovative embellishments to adorn the garments, thereby providing a variety of costumes to choose from. The dresses were customised to provide a traditional or modern look.

Sherwani, silk sarees and ghagra cholis were designed and developed under the category of bridal wear. The sarees were adorned with jacquard designs especially on the pallu and the border. The `subamuhurta' scene was woven on the pallu, while a bridal procession was imprinted on the border. The hands of the bride and the groom were used as the buties. The Sherwani and the ghagra cholis were decorated with embroidery and Australian diamonds.

Besides the bridal wear, they had also designed casual wear which included choli with pants, capri pants and `reversible pants'. The garments were designed by taking into considerations the current trends among teenagers. The multi-purpose fashion outfits for the women were the highlight of the show.

As for the reversible pants, they were made in such a manner that the left and the right sleeves of the trousers could be interchanged and reversed to get another colour. These garments are now on display at the Hayagriva Silk House, the Pothys and the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. In Coimbatore they are available at the Aarthi's Collection, the Shri Niketan Silks and the ARRS in Salem.

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