Gifts that bring contentment

Mimicking a range of human emotions

Mimicking a range of human emotions  

CHOOSING GIFTS for friends and relatives is often a very tricky task for most of us. For people who are very close to us, it is often quite easy to guess what they would really appreciate, to mark a joyous festival or a special occasion.

There are people for whom almost any gift would be a welcome one, for they appreciate the thought behind the gift more than its value or usefulness. In this case, a simple greeting card with just a few thoughtful lines might be appreciated much more than an expensive gift.

By their very nature, there are quite a few items that are suitable for presentation on almost any social occasion. A wall hanging with a touch of creativity, a wind chime that tinkles as it sways, and specially-prepared sweet hampers could create the right impression at almost any social occasion.

When the situation is of the official kind, most people find stationery articles such as notepads and pen-sets, the most appropriate and least embarrassing corporate gift. Quite often, the name of the firm is embossed upon the article, ensuring that it not only creates goodwill but also provides high visibility to the corporate image.

Though the practice of presenting flowers on memorable occasions is an established one in the Western world, this has not become popular or widespread enough in the country.

One reason for this could be that flowers are used mostly for personal ornamentation, or as offerings to divinity. Moreover, the practice of placing cut flowers in vases is considered an activity to be carried out only during special occasions.

Still, artificial flowers, that look bright and colourful all the time, and which never fade or die, have become much-sought-after gift items in some circles.

One advantage of these flowers is that there is no need for spending time to maintain them. Just an occasional dip in water keeps them looking almost as fresh as newly plucked, natural ones. When turning up for a family occasion, especially one that is seen as auspicious, divine images could be the right gift that would be treasured by all members of the family.

In general, most families place a high value on anything to do with the spiritual side of life, and the gifts invariably become objects of reverence in the pooja room.

By Michael Raj A.A.

Photo: K. Ananthan

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