Get set for Samba Sunday

Nakula Somana, Saju Hari, Esther Barton and Dilsagar Mobo at a session at Attakalari.

Nakula Somana, Saju Hari, Esther Barton and Dilsagar Mobo at a session at Attakalari.  

ART, THEY say, defies all shackles. And when the elements of various cultures blend to create a rhapsody, what evolves is truly trailblazing. Contemporary dance forms are still to come of age in India, and there are very few individuals or institutions dedicated to this form of art.

The Attakalari Centre for Performing Arts (ACMA) is making such an attempt and though fusion might be a much-abused word, that is what the centre is striving to do, crafting a bridge between the traditional and the modern and blending the work of artistes from different disciplines.

In another such endeavour, ACMA will organise a "Contemporary Dance Improvisation and Capoiera" workshop by the noted artist, Paulo Pereira, from Brazil on Saturday and Sunday at its centre. Paulo has spent more than 10 years at Auroville in Pondicherry, an international project emphasising harmony of cultures, where he taught contemporary creative dance to adults and children from several countries. He staged many dance performances with them.

Paulo started his dance studies with classical ballet as a student of Dulce Beltrao and Silvia Calvo at the Studio Anna Pavlova, in his birthplace, Belo Horizonte. And from the country of Samba, exotic carnivals, and the triumph at the World Cup soccer, Bangaloreans will be treated to an evening of Brazilian music by Oswaldo which will mark the culmination of the workshop on Sunday.

Attakalari's speciality are classes in contemporary dance by renowned artistes, including dance classes by Nakula Somana, who co-ordinates the centre's Dance Education Outreach programme and classes by Ranjan Mularatt in Kalari Payettu, a spectacular martial art form from Kerala with graceful sequences. Other classes include yoga, cinematic dance, and creative dance for children.

Those who have a limited memory, might be reminded that the centre hosted an extravagant and much-publicised international festival of movement arts in February this year where the likes of Astad Deboo, Christian Ziegler of Germany, and members of Nrityagram here performed. For details, call 2123684 or 2123809.

By Sahana Charan

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