Get out, get going this summer... .

NO LONGER do students wait for vacations to relax or to curl up like couch potatoes. And no longer do they wait to become graduates and postgraduates to hunt for jobs.

Times are changing and so is Generation X. They are all ambitious, desperate to make it big in today's competitive world. And so during holidays, an array of jobs await all those who are desirous of striking gold as early as possible.

Youngsters, most of them collegiates, are either already working or searching for jobs during holidays for "making a fast buck'' or "having some exposure''. Students realise that in today's global market, experience and exposure are the pre-requisites to climb high. They are convinced that a summer job is a boon as it brings in rewarding results.

Most frequented places for summer jobs are call centres, hangouts like McDonalds, PR companies, portals and event management houses. They all entertain freshers who are raw but raring to go.

Says Gina Ghosh, consultant with CLEA Public Relations, "We normally have interns and trainees with a background in public relations. They approach us when there is a college project to be done or during holidays.'' Most of her younger colleagues though fresh, she says, are committed to work.

Meanwhile, the younger lot assert that this is the right time to channelise their energies in their field of interest for better future prospects. "It helps in cultivating contacts which can be encashed later. Besides, who would complain when you are working for just 5-6 hours a day and getting Rs. 2,500 a month?'' asks Anup Bahukundhi, an undergraduate who worked last year with ESSAR. "Less burden and a decent pay'' is his idea of a summer job.

Bidisha Banerjea, a sociology student of Hindu College echoes the thought. After her brief stint with an NGO last year, Bidisha is now associated with "Camp Roots'', an organisation which holds camps for school children. "Besides the money that flows in, I find the range of activities which this job offers most fascinating,'' she says. Her work as a camp leader is to head groups touring different places and this brings her a "cool'' Rs. 3,000 per month. All this, along with the most important ingredient, that is fun, keeps her hooked to her job.

Youngsters like Anup and Bidisha are "independent'' people who no longer want to bank on their parents for money and would like to manage their expenses themselves. And this is the motivation for summer jobs.

The younger lot has a clear vision and is determined to achieve the goal. Call it just for "exposure'', "fun'' or "cool capital'', summer jobs are most certainly in this season.

By Our Staff Reporter

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