Get buoyed up

TING TONG! The next time you hear the tone, you could well have a team from Lifebuoy, the Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) brand, as guests. If you are lucky, a celebrity could be part of thetime. And she would play games with you!!

The company claims to be touching 600 millions in the country every year. The brand makes for roughly over 17 per cent of the market share. Remember, Lifebuoy went through a change of fragrance? It was followed by a re-positioning. The increasing market share saw HLL chalk out an innovative campaign, the largest consumer programme by the company thus far.

Curious about the `celebrity'? Curiosity doesn't kill the cat anymore. To end it, here's the name - Udayabhanu, the buxom-earlier- but-now-lissom damsel, who climbed up the popularity charts with `Horlicks Hridayanjali', telecast by ETV and, of course, `Sahasam Cheyara Dimbhaka', beamed on the Gemini TV. She is now a brand ambassador of sorts for HLL and plays host for `Lifebuoy Ting Tong'. As to what exactly has to be done, here it goes. The next time you buy a Lifebuoy product, don't throw the wrapper away. When the team visits your home, the more wrappers in your home means more prizes. As to what the prizes could be, mum's the word. It could be just about anything, say Sandeep Kataria, HLL's Marketing Manager, and Harpreet Singh Tibb, its Brand Manager. The prizes could be gift hampers or even cash, but suffice it to say it will be instant.

At the launch held in Taj Banjara, Udayabhanu was all smiles, even grinning from ear-to-ear. She started her `speech' with an appeal. "Can I have a smile from everyone please?' she asked and pat came the reply. ``Madam, we came in drenched because of the rain. How do you expect us to smile?'' Not unfazed, the popular television anchor went on. ``I aim to bring a smile on the faces of the lucky ones among those purchasing Lifebuoy.''

Those who are not lucky enough to have the team visiting their homes, with or without Udayabhanu, don't despair. You can drop the wrappers at any of the designated collection centres. The lucky ones among these will get a free trip to Goa, the land of Sun n' Sand. And of course, most of those who get the chance to play host to the teams, again with or without Udayabhanu, will be `minor celebrities', as their faces will be found in the media - on hoardings or even on Gemini TV.

By Suresh Krishnamoorthy

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