German movies

CHECK OUT of soggy Chennai for a whirlwind tour of Germany followed by a quick exploration of India next week at the South Indian Film Chamber.

The German movies start rolling on November 6 with `The State I Am In' at 6:30 p.m. A political film, it is a story about two terrorists on the run with their young daughter. `No Place to Go,' a true story based on the last two weeks in the life of a novelist who committed suicide, as told by her son, plays on the 7th followed by `In July' a cheerful road movie and `Gigantic' a movie about three friends on the 8th.

Finally on November 9, `Forget America', a story that explores the dreams of the young and `Enlightenment Guaranteed' a comedy about two brothers in search of inner peace, will wind up the four day festival courtesy Max Mueller Bhavan and International Cine Appreciation Forum. Then, on the 11th and 12th award-winning Indian films and documentaries will be screened.

The films include `Mangrove of Sundarban', `Tribals of Nilgiri Hills' and `Mohini Attam through the ages'. A.C. Thirulokachander, Madhavan and Y.G. Mahendra Yasmin on the drums.

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