'Gemini' already a hit!

`O Podu', `Chiyaan' Vikram signed on.

`O Podu', `Chiyaan' Vikram signed on.  

THE SECURITY was tight at Music World on Friday evening. Restless fans thronged Spencer's Plaza well before the scheduled time--6-30 p.m. And the wait continued for the next 45 minutes before their hero finally made an appearance and signed autographs to promote the audio of `Gemini'.

The organisers played the title song of `Gemini' (`O Podu') for more than two hours that evening. The new track `O Podu' sung by Vikram has now been added to the album (music scored by Bharadwaj), one month after its release.

``The song was a huge hit. So, we decided to repeat it. When Vikram saw it was popular, he wanted to sing it himself. By then, we had completed shooting, so we have kept this song for the end portion as a bonus, specially for his fans,'' director Saran of Gemini says.

``We sold out a lakh copies in one month. Only Rahman's music has got this kind of an opening before. Now, with the new song, it will sell another lakh before the release of the film,'' S.Kalyan of Five Star Audio is confident.

AVM Saravanan of AVM Studios was among the earliest of the hosts that evening. ``Earlier, we had planned to release on April 14. Everything has been completed on time and we felt like we were working with S.P.Muthuraman himself, such was Saran's efficiency. We are now releasing two days ahead,'' he smiles.

M.S.Guhan, executive producer, tells us that the promotion at Music World was the first in the series. Two more at Landmark (on Saturday evening) and one at Sankara Hall were in the pipeline.

Also seen at the venue were singer Manikka Vinayagam and comedian Dhamu and Navin N.Daswani, Director of Super Recording, before Vikram stormed in, mobbed by fans. The shutters were downed for crowd control.

Sipping Shock, the actor sat down to scribble autographs patiently, signing every cassette inlay card: ``Hi! O Podu! Love, `Chiyaan' Vikram'' shifting between English and Tamil and for many, with their names. ``AVM has this tradition of repeating one song. So when they wanted one more version, I jumped at it because `O Podu' was pretty hot. We recorded in the morning, I finished in an hour and then went and shot for it the same morning--8-30 finished recording, 9 o clock started shooting,'' Vikram says.Vikram obliged his fans for about an hour. In return, fans did `O Podu' for him!

By Sudhish Kamath

Photo: K. Gajendran

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