Fusion of music from Benares Ghats

Ronu Majumdar.

Ronu Majumdar.  

TRADITIONAL MUSIC icons spanning two generations - Ronu Majumdar and Kishan Maharaj - have come together to recreate a musical enchantment recorded live from the ghats of Benares at the Mahasivaratri Festival. The album, therefore, has been aptly titled "Generations''.

Starting with an introduction of the renowned tabla player by Ronu Majumdar, the album has the well-known flautist recreating the magic of an ancient era. The music of the tracks has compositions set to taal dhamar, 14 beats and teen taal. Here the flute takes centre-stage with the hum of the tabla beat in the background all set to give a divine feeling.

``The music in Generations has flute and tabla in perfect harmony and this perfect snychronisation brings out an impressive symphony,'' says Ronu Majumdar, who has performed at prestigious venues across the world and also scored the sound track for the Hollywood film "Primary Colors''. His name has been associated with international greats such as Ravi Shankar, ex-Beatle George Harrison and ace guitarist Ry Cooder.

Winner of the prestigious Aditya Vikram Birla Award for 1999 for his dedication to music, Ronu says it has been a privilege playing with such a senior artiste as Kishan Maharaj whom he considers his Guru and master. "He is one of the finest tabla players of our time and has created his own distinctive style which the tabla world follows.''

The album also has Ronu playing the flute in raag Ahir Bhairav without any other musical accompaniment at the start setting the tempo. The Dhrut laya in 16 beats is lively and accompanied by Kishan Maharaj on the tabla. Showcasing the rich talent he has nurtured after years of training and devotion to music as well as ancestral heritage, alaap jod and jhala, it makes for haunting listening.

By Kannan K.

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