Fun and language

LEARNING IS fun but teaching a child isn't, for many. Nothing, however, is impossible when you are technology-enabled.

Thanks to the efforts of various like-minded organisations and people, the popularity of vernacular computer software and programmes is increasing.

The latest addition to the series is the interactive CD-Rom of Tamil rhymes from the house of Palaniappa Brothers.

Based on the works of Chella Ganapathy, music for the 16-rhymes in the animated CD have been scored by Shankar-Ganesh. Sung by children, the user-friendly features of the CD, targeted at children in the age group of 3-8, include its continuous and random playback options and the read-along format simultaneous with supporting visuals. Making the `Paappa Paattu Paaduvom' CD-Rom more attractive among youngsters will be its add-ons including the electronic chalkboard in Tamil that supports the Tamil-99 keyboard layout, an electronic colouring book and the maze and memory games. "All the activities will help to improve the child's skills", points out P. Chellappan of Palaniappa Brothers, which is launching the product formally on Saturday. The State Government should exempt educational CDs from the four per cent sales tax levy to make them more affordable, he said.

By Ravi Kumar N

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