Friends & foes

FRIENDS BECOME foes when awards are announced. So it was the Malayalam film industry's turn this time to prove this. At the receiving end was the film-maker, K.G. George, who headed the State film award jury.

Film-makers, who expected that their films could win a prize for best director and best script, were thoroughly disappointed. The jury led by Mr. George decided not to give any award for the best director and best script. According to the jury, there was none meriting these awards. The leading directors wanted to know why the jury was not able to find a best director and scriptwriter despite announcing an award for the best film. But one should not forget that it was not for the first time that a jury had decided not to give an award in a certain category.

A section of the industry felt that it was totally wrong to comment on the merit of a film-maker like Mr. George. One opinion was that Mr. George, who directed a movie like `Elavankodu Desam' had no right to speak about the quality of films screened for the State award. Film-makers who made this remark should not forget that Mr. George has left indelible marks in the industry with memorable movies like `Irakal', `Panchavadipalam' `Yavanika' and `Aadaminte Variyellu'. It was also unfortunate that there were attempts from some quarters to give a communal colour to the jury decision.

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