Freshers party

A little bit of ragging will break the ice between freshers and old-timers. This is the logic that is used to justify ragging in colleges, especially professional ones.

However, none of the authorities will admit that their students are into ragging their juniors. This is perhaps one reason why students conduct this initiation process outside the campus walls.

The Freshers' Day celebrations at one institution in the city started off innocently the other day, under the benign eyes of their teachers.

However, things turned a little bit sour as the seniors went beyond dance party and songs. This led to the police stepping in to investigate developments which led to the blocking of a road in the heart of the city for a short while.

It is understood that matters have since been sorted out between juniors and seniors and life has come back to normal in campus. However, the authorities at the institution maintain that the traffic block might have been caused by students crowding outside the campus and that they have been asked not to repeat it.

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