Francophonie Week

The ongoing Francophonie Week celebrations at the Alliance Francaise will sign off with a flourish on March 26. Since the beginning of March, the Alliance has been a beehive of activities ranging from a photo exhibition, a translation workshop and a competition to test fluency in French.

On March 26, there will be a two-hour screening of advertisements in French. According to Alliance officials, the screening will be a unique opportunity for the public to discover the diversity of the French-speaking world as seen by its advertisers.

Peculiarities of the language, the cultural diversity of France, daily life in French-speaking countries, their social evolution, their celebrities and support for major causes, among other things, can be understood from these advertisements.

"A voyage to the four corners of the globe, to the four corners of the French-speaking world, to the four corners of the French language itself," is what the Alliance has promised about the two-hour show which will commence at 10 a.m. at the Kalabhavan Theatre. On that day, there will also be a photography contest at the Alliance from 2.30 p.m.

By G. Mahadevan

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