Forget hierarchy, forget stress

Mixing business and pleasure is passe. When you do business, you swim in its tide, dwell deep into its intricacies, forget everything else. That was the way people always thought it had to be. Not anymore.

High stress workers across town are in an unwinding spree. Weekly once, monthly twice or even yearly once, they take time out from work, play games, live life freestyle. A million talents, hitherto hidden by work pressure, tight deadlines and high stress, break free. The campus hero makes a comeback to retell forgotten stories, act out Nostalgia.

Sample a company here. Look out for Tarang Software and browse through their anniversary celebration. For Tarangites, it was about decking up their office in a thousand colours and lights. It was about getting their families to have fun. It was about getting together to celebrate.

From rain dances to bhangra, skits to mimicry, the employees rewrote office entertainment rules. Hierarchies took the backseat, levels came crashing down, as Tarangites fought out a comical corporate quiz dubbed "Kaun Banega...'' Participating in it all were the celebrity namesakes — Grill Gates from Psycosoft, Balbir Bhatia from notmail and Devaki from Patang.

For the Tarang topbrass, it was also time to recognise, to honour its employees. These were some categories — Mr. Tarang, Ms. Tarang, Favourite Person, Best Dressed Person, Best Couple and Enthusiastic Person.

No wonder, employees enjoyed the fun, the casual atmosphere. Of course, this was not exactly mixing business with pleasure. But as long as the celebrations lasted, the stress was not telling. With stress levels affecting family ties and more, a bit of shaking the leg could just be the recipe for a different life.

By Rasheed Kappan

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