For two stars `Pinjar' a turning point

Stars of Pinjar, Sandali and Priyanshu

Stars of Pinjar, Sandali and Priyanshu  

THE SUCCESSFUL "Tum Bin" faces - Sandali and Priyanshu - might have more in common than just a film. Having begun their journey towards stardom together, they have decided to travel back in time in "Pinjar".

In an industry where every new actor wants to be on the fast track to the top slot, they have the patience to wait, unlike the other aspiring stars. While they got noticed with their first film, they never really cashed in on the appreciation. Both "accidental actors", they are hoping that this movie will give them the extra push they need.

"It was a wonderful experience to go back into an era where no one from this generation has ever been. It feels enchanting because you don't know how anyone acted or felt at that time. During the film, I learnt that we all take many things for granted, like freedom, which is not nice. We all get sentimental on August 15 and then forget about it. I am not saying that you should take to the streets and shout, `I love India' but I think it is important to be aware of the price they paid for us to be where we are," says Sandali smiling.

A film which required them to move out of their "normal" roles into a violent era, "Pinjar" will give them the chance finally to throw away the label - models cannot act.

"I think that either you can act or not. There are many actors who are not models but can't act and there are many models who are really good actors. Modelling is about projecting everything in less than a minute, that is why most people think that modelling is loud. Acting, however, is about keeping things inside," says Sandali.

A movie that required tremendous hard work, Priyanshu gave up his `masala' books to read good fiction to learn about his character. "I had to study maps and read many books of that period so that I knew where my character `Trilok' came from. I got to read all the books I had missed when I was a child and used to read comics. But "Pinjar" is different from any character I have played. He is studying to be a lawyer and is a pro-Gandhi activist. Somewhere along the line, however, he becomes violent. At the end of the film though he goes back to believing in non-violence," he says.

While Sandali and Priyanshu are not the central characters of the film, they still form an important part of the story. With every character designed to move the movie forward, "Pinjar" promises to bring to screen an unusual love story. And judging by the response it got at the film festival it might be worth watching.

By Mandira Nayar

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