For all those film buffs

FILMS ARE never out of season, and for the International Cine Appreciation Forum (ICAF), every month means a new festival.

On September 22, the Forum opens a new festival at the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre, Gemini, featuring such classics as the 39 Steps, and the Lady Vanishes.

The opening presentations will be Bo Ba Bu, a film without dialogues directed by Ali Khamraev, and Nikita, which was seen in the city at the 1991 International Film Festival. Alfred Hitchcock's classics will be seen on September 23 and 24, with others like My Wife Is An Actress and Dinner Game.

The National Film Development Corporation and Alliance De Francaise have helped bring some of the films to the fest. With its perennial activity bringing more films to the city each month, the membership of the Forum has been rising too.

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