For a right diet

Slim is in. Watching the waistline and shedding those extra kilos is the latest fad. Not merely the fair sex, just about everyone is on the slimming spree. Nightmare diets, rigorous exercises, strong willpower and what not. Yet the body refuses to shape up.

Even if one succeeds in the battle of the bulge, not many manage to stay that way.

But if experts are to be believed, one need not take such hard options. With a little discipline in food habits and workout schedules, one can still indulge occasionally in pizzas, biryanis, chocolates, sweets, and stay fit -- what they call eating the cake and having it too. Yes. Balanced diet could be the answer to growing obesity.

Man is what he eats. Or what he doesn't eat. A food that goes with ones metabolism is what is required. Correctly designed diet with right amount of nutrients and one is on the road to fitness.

It's the right way of losing weight. Cheer up fatties. You can find out all this and more at a workshop being organised by the Diet and Nutrition Counselling Centre on July 7 at Our Place, Banjara Hills.

Experts in nutrition, fitness and behaviour modification will be there to answer all your queries.

Overweight and obesity are chronic problems affecting everyone without discrimination of gender or pelf. The important thing is to tailor the food intake to the amount of physical activity one undertakes.

Those doing sedentary jobs watch out -- you are eating more calories than you expend during the day.

``Diet is not just food, but a way of life,'' says Janaki Srinath, nutritionist. She feels there are two ways of reducing weight -- eating food and burning calories and the other through exercises.

So if you are eager to fit into your favourite clothes, enrol yourself for the workshop. It promises to redefine the very concept of weight loss.

By Ifthekhar J.S.

Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

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