Follow the rules of the game!

FILM PERSONALITIES can easily walk into any place and expect a royal reception. After all, they are the darlings of masses. However, cops were strict at the inaugural of the Afro-Asian Games.

Big names notwithstanding, none without a valid pass was allowed to enter the stadium or even park vehicles. And the big names included Chiranjeevi and Jayaprada too.

The Mega Star walked into the VVIP gallery forgetting his pass in the car itself. However, the police manning the VVIP gate requested him to show his pass. Chiru, as humble as ever, did not object to the cop's request and walked back to the car to get his pass.

The glamour queen of yesteryear, Jayaprada, too, faced similar predicament. Security men apparently didn't allow her car to be parked at the VVIP parking place as she did not have a valid car pass.

She tried to use her charm, but was politely told rules were rules and she had to park her car elsewhere.

However, when she came through the wrong entrance towards the VVIP gallery, the IOA Secretary-General, Randhir Singh, tried to get her in, but in vain. Jayaprada did not insist and quietly moved away before she could catch everyone's attention.

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