Folk arts of J&K

A 30-MEMBER contingent of artistes, including folk dancers and singers, will present folk arts of Jammu and Kashmir on all days at the Suryakanthi auditorium during the Nishagandhi festival from April 5.

The artistes from that State, the partner for this year's edition of the festival, will present a variety of folk dances and songs on all days of the fest. One of these dances, Rouf, is performed by women on festive occasions, particularly in the evenings.

Morni is a Dogri dance form that expresses the joy of a young woman on seeing the gold-embroidered peahen figure on the reddish bridal clothes of her sister-in-law. Surma, on the other hand, gives vent to the anguish of a woman whose bridegroom is away in the Army. Another Dogri dance, Chatni Timbru Di, represents the anguish of a bride getting used to the atmosphere and the women folk in her husband's house. The Jabro, again, is a popular folk dance of the Changpan tribe of Changthan area of Ladakh. Chakkri is a song of merriment, rendered during special occasions, such as marriages, festivals and fairs. The artistes will also present Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri and Punjabi ghazals.

By S. Anil Radhakrishnan

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