Flat tyre at night? Here's news

SO YOUR vehicle has a flat tyre, right. Ahem! It is pretty easy to presume that it is late at night. For, due to some quirk of mechanics, more often than not, a flat tyre stares right on your face only at nights. And of course when there are no puncture shops around.

But, if you are in the vicinity of North Coimbatore, help is at hand, day and night. Thanks to a dedicated team of mechanics at Nighar Tyre Works. They work all days, taking time off for festivals in turn. During the day, one would perhaps condone this place on Mettupalayam Road with tyres all around and hardly any place to sit. However, at night, this shop stands out like a beacon.

"My father used to sleep in the shop. He attended to those customers who came at night. Over the years, ours developed into a 24-hour shop," says the proprietor of the shop, K.M. Jamal.

Whether it is day or night, it is business as usual at Nighar. "There is no huge difference in the nature of work at night," he says. Till midnight, two-wheelers come in for vulcanising. After that, the outlet caters mainly to trucks and buses. So why does Nighar operate 24 hours a day? "Our client profile is such that we cannot afford to close the shop. Vehicles keep coming in even at odd hours," he explains. Moreover, as outstation trucks are allowed to enter the city only late at night, the shop gets busier after midnight.

Five persons work in the day shift and an equal number during at night. During festivals, even if some workers go on leave, the shop continues to function with the available workforce. Nighar undertakes vulcanising on contract basis. Vehicles from the police department, Aavin and TNSTC come in on a regular basis, Jamal says. Interestingly, even the proprietors work in shifts here.

Jamal's elder brother Khader and co-proprietor, oversees the work during the evening and at night. The charges are the same for both day and night, he says. If a vehicle in trouble happens to be in the vicinity, the shop sends its workers to the spot, charging a little more. Nighar can be contacted at 2556405.

By M. A

Graphics: S. Rajasekaran

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