Film fest

WALK ALONG unfamiliar streets and empathise with unfamiliar people fighting very familiar battles at the film festival that begins at the South Indian Film Chamber on Monday. The protagonists of the three French films and one Norwegian movie manage to transcend geographical barriers not only because their trials are easy to identify with but also because, to quote a clich�, they prove that the human spirit simply cannot be stomped on and wiped out. Elling is discharged after two years at a psychiatric clinic and has to return to living in the normal everyday world along with his also-challenged roommate Kjell Bjarne in `Elling'. Unwavering willpower and slowly developing courage help these two young, and frightened, men survive life on their own in this Norwegian movie, which was nominated for the Oscars in 2002.

In `The Class Trip', when an unhappy Nicholas is driven to a mountain chalet by his stern father to join his classmates there, the young boy is forced to deal with his anguish, which transforms itself into nightmares.

`Moon Calf' explores stormy family relationships. Julien, who lives in the Alps with his family and is helped by a psychologist there, has to learn how to deal with difficulties when his older paraplegic brother comes to live with them. Claire Doste is beautiful, has a fabulous apartment, a creative job and an adorable sister. But she also has an unusual problem - too many men. Actually three - but then that's two too many, so she decides to solve her problem with one big party in `Serial Lover'. `Elling' and `Moon Calf' play at 6-15 on Monday and Tuesday respectively. On Wednesday, `Serial Lover' will be screened at 6-15, followed by `The Class Trip'.

By Shonali Muthalaly

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