Feast of laughter on Christmas Day

From the Hasyostva 2K2 held on Wednesday.  

MORE THAN 2,000 people had a grand feast on Christmas Day in Jayanagar National College. The non-availability of chairs did not discourage them from enjoying the feast all day. True, it was not a feast for the stomach, but one for their eyes and ears.

Hasyotsava 2K2, organised in memory of Dasharathi Dixit, noted humorist, by Hasya Brahma, the Federation of Humour Writers, for the sixth year had a variety of delicacies for the audience. The large gathering belied the impression that Bangaloreans were moving towards a mechanical life.

Unable to get into the jam-packed H.N. Kalakshetra, many people watched the festival on closed- circuit televisions outside the hall. Some of the enthusiastic among them were peeping through the ventilations of the hall.

S. Shadakshari, hunmorist, inaugurated the programme. U.R. Ananthamurthy, Jnanpith Award winner, released several books. Dr. Ananthamurthy confessed to the audience that he could not take them to the world of humour, and if he made any such attempt, he himself would become a subject for humour!

Then it was the turn of the humorists. Aa. Ra. Mitra, S. Shivaram, Nagendra Shaw, Belur Ramamurthy, M. Krishne Gowda, Shathavadhani R. Ganesh, Gururaj, Sringeri Satish, the Mico Troupe, and others helped the audience forget their worries. They will cherish the programme for long.

Mr. Mitra, humour writer, brought out the advantages of being bald, by narrating the tales of Bullana Burude. Shivaram, cine artiste, recalled his association with the late Dixit, who was running a sweetshop in Gandhi Bazar. He said Dixit had kept for sale a laxative. A man came to him and asked the price of the medicine. When Dixit said it cost 10 annas (equal to around Rs. 100 now), the customer fled, stating that he was having an to relieve himself on hearing the cost itself!

Mr. Shivaram said Dixit took recourse to humour even on his deathbed. Everyone was asking about his condition. Then came the purohit, asking "still not over?'' Dixit got up from the bed, and said: "it will take some more time,'' and died soon after.

It was Nagendra Shaw and his team who stole the show afterwards. They enacted a humour play, Sanmana Sukha. Mr. Shaw donned the role of Vishwa, an unsuccessful writer. The writer's wife, Vishalu, chides him that she fell in love with him on the "wrong'' impression that writers were useful to society. Vishwa gets selected for an international competition. Then comes his landlord- cum-astrologer, who predicts a great fortune for him. Due to the fortune, even his bad works can become a success. Later, some employees of a factory in a nearby village invite him for a function to felicitate him. They make Vishwa bring the garland and shawl. At the function, the employees' leader learns that his candidate has become the gram panchayat president. They make Vishwa felicitate the latter with the garland. The shawl is used for his own felicitation.

Sringeri Satish, noted cartoonist, was drawing while the humorists were making speeches. The audience continuously applauded Dr. Satish's cartoons, which were spot on.

By Anil Sastry

Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash