Familiar colours and faces

AN EXHIBITION of paintings and drawings by 10 upcoming artists organised by the Chaitram Institute of Fine Art, Palluruthy, is special in the sense that it documents different faces of West Kochi. Just that. It is a celebration of colours and lines, sights and visuals that are familiar.

Almost all the works, except perhaps the ones by Firoz V.B. from Fort Kochi, exist in a continuum. They compliment each other. Firoz, who has some prior experience of holding exhibition, stands apart from others as he strays into the realms of abstraction.

Others capture the charm or lack it, of the streets and daily life in West Kochi. One could almost feel the smell of antiquity in drawings of Joji that feature high-roofed buildings that dot the narrow streets of Mattanchery.

For a couple of them like Samju from Palluruthy, it is also an announcement in the art scene. This is the first exhibition for Samju and Joji who are students at Chaitram.

"Others have graduated from the Institute, but are still working there," says Samju. The camaraderie is visible in the compositions and use of colours. Even when it comes to landscapes, traces of a common style could be found. Like the visuals of placid backwaters by Madhu of Fort Kochi or in works by Naushad. Interestingly, Naushad is the only one among the lot who does not belong to West Kochi - he is from Gandhinagar.

The exhibition also raises the question of marketing the works, once again. The works that appear in this exhibition are priced between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2,000. Even though some of the works do not go beyond the role of documenting the realities, there are some works that could fetch the artist a buyer. And the group shows like this one could set right examples for upcoming artists.

Other artists participating in the exhibition are Arun E.K. from Mattanchery, Jayesh O.G., Sanosh and Syam Kumar from Palluruthy and Roy from Karuvelipady.

The exhibition, which started at Chitram Art Gallery on Wednesday, will be on till March 1.

By Anand Haridas

Photo: Vipinchandran