Facts about the silent killer

EVEN AS the World Health Organisation predicted the possible spread of diabetes in India, concerted efforts are the need of the hour not only to prevent the disease but also eradicate various myths about the disease.

Having realised its importance, the district administration in association with the Dindigul District Diabetes Research Centre has intensified its awareness campaign and organised special camps to identify second-level diabetic mellitus in the district. It also released a handbook with the aim of creating an awareness of diabetes among the people.

The book contains a list of food items suitable for diabetic patients, routine exercises, diet control measures and details of periodical check-ups. Increase in fibre intake, cut back on calories, regular exercise and weight loss are basic tools to cut down risk factors. Adequate details of the glucose tolerance test, a vital test to spot even pre-diabetic cases, are also being taken. The Transport Minister, R. Viswanathan, released the handbook in Dindigul on Sunday.

From K. Raju in Dindigul.

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