Fabulous stone

NOW, THOSE in the city can have a look at a replica of another masterpiece of art from India, Koh-i-noor Diamond, more so, because the original is not in India. The closest one can come to admiring that famed piece, is to gaze at the fabulous stone at T. Nagar.

In association with the Diamond Promotion Service, Nathella has showcased an exhibition of replicas of worldfamous diamonds at its T. Nagar showroom. Replicas among others include Koh-i-noor, Star of South Africa and Hope Diamond (made famous after the release of `Titanic').

The diamond cutters, it is reported were put to the ultimate test to craft the replicas, which resemble the original in the cuts, colours and size. Visitors can actually feel the replicas, though they are not for sale. However, the showroom, during the course of the exhibition will be putting on display, exquisitely designed diamond jewellery starting from Rs 3,000. Value added services, including service camps, evaluation and exchange offers are also thrown in.

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