Exquisite ware at affordable price

Jars in an attractive range

Jars in an attractive range  

DECK UP your dining table with exquisite glassware. From the picturesque splattering of autumn leaves on the dinner plates to sprinkle of tulips etched out on the grooved wine glasses, your crockery will now have a touch of elegance and sparkle. This delicate range of cutlery is the reproductions of some of the best European glassware made by Malaysian glass blowers and craftsmen.

Those wanting to purchase these lovely glassware and porcelain collection by Gatsby can do so by visiting the exhibition-cum-sale at the President Hall, Avinashi Road. These radiant crystalline glossy pieces will be on public display till the October 10. Imported from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, the Gatsby Collection is sure to capture your fascination for its fine `artistry'.

With a myriad of designs on the chinaware, customers can pick and choose crockery that will lend a touch of sophistication and elegance. Charming cutwork on the jars will be ideal for holding your favourite spices and pickles. Making soups is incomplete without salt and pepper, and small jar holders available here will add that special touch to your kitchen.

This apart, those bewitching 21-piece dinner sets you see is sure to rekindle those romantic memories of candle-lit dinners that you would have had with your loved ones. Desert and salads bowls, minimally priced are sure to lure the dieticians and la glace patriots alike. What's more these replicas of the European glass crockery won't be too heavy on your purse.

With beautifully shaped glass tumblers that will be available at a price of Rs. 90, customers will have an opportunity to explore and match dinner sets in accordance to their taste. A lovely floral pattern etched on the sides of the teacups will add a regal touch to your dinner table. If this is not all, the teacup set will also be a wonderful gift too. The kettle and bowl that can hold the sugar cubes coupled with milk jugs and exquisitely designed cups and saucers are an ideal gift for specific occasions, like marriages or birthdays.

As for those lucky ones possessing a personalised bar at home, these wine glasses, especially the martini set, is a must to complete the collection. From the unusual looking punch bowls to the cute vases with fragrant flowers to adorn your room, the preference and price of the range is there for you to choose. The cocktail and mock tail glasses will give your bar room an added panache. The exhibition will also put on display Chinese porcelain dinner and tea sets that have been unconventionally crafted, albeit in traditional patterns. With a range of ware at affordable prices, the exhibition will offer a lot to customers, said the organiser of the exhibition, Seema Sait. "Our aim is to bring all aspects of homeware to the textile city at affordable prices with the ultimate plan of expanding the Gatsby Home Store," she added.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

Photo: K. Ananthan

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