Entering new areas

After emails, websites and animation, it's now the turn of `e' books with the city-based Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) all set to come out with its new e book, `Saraswathi Kantabharanam', a classic work of Bhoja on Sanskrit grammar.

The C-DIT entered the field of e publishing following the release of its earlier book on Thakazhi, which was released a few months before. The lack of availability of classical works in Sanskrit and Malayalam and the difficulty in getting limited copies made us venture into this, says the director of C-DIT, Achuth Sankar. S. Nair.

Going a step ahead, C-DIT would also be releasing digital visiting cards, the first one of its kind in the State. The card designed for the IT Department would be of the size of a normal visiting card and would contain presentation data up to 30megabytes enabling institutions or individuals to present themselves through exciting multimedia presentations. The department is also planning to design the visiting card for artistes and others who are in need of it.

Meanwhile, the animation film, `Of fishes and tales' based on a story by Prakash. K. Murthy is also nearing completion. The film gains more importance, as it is the first animated film in Malayalam using the story and settings of Kerala.

The success of the previous multimedia work, `Green citadel', based on the wildlife in the State, prompted the C-DIT to venture into two new projects_ the first one on the various aspects of Kerala including a dictionary in Malayalam, index of Kerala studies and collection of selected articles. This would be followed by a CD on the life and contributions of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal and social reformer, Sree Narayana Guru. The diversification and development activities of C-DIT will be inaugurated on May 13.

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