Enter winter

There is a nip in the air and a chill in the bone. The City, which reeled under severe heat conditions, not to forget sporadic wet spells not too long ago, is now getting colder by the day. Winter, it appears, is already in. And with it, the mornings have become beautiful than ever. With a fog cover enveloping the City, the same old edifices, even if they are made of ugly concrete and not marble, as is the exception with the Birla Mandir, now make a sight to behold. Dewdrops glistening on the grass, birds chirping, the Hussainsagar Lake still as a photograph and even the headlamps of vehicles piercing the fog cover, everything looks beautiful.

And the early risers and joggers never had it so good. All ye sleepy heads, wake up, look up and feel the frosty beauty of winter. And it's embrace too.

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