Empowering kids with knowledge

Some wishes do come true. Especially if the wish involved a fairy that did all the homework. And making this rather impossible dream come true is the British Council with a workshop.

While there is no `magic' in the workshop, there is certainly a guardian angel -- Geetika Arora. Helping children sail through their homework, Geetika might not have a wand, but she is using a more potent energy: the Internet. With an online portal bringing a helping hand for children to work miracles with their homework, Geetika also tries to make children better at English. A workshop on "How to Refer Online Databases'' is slated for October 23, aimed at making the children better speakers and writers too.

And for those who want to create a whole new world and know practically everything about encyclopaedias, the British Council brings a workshop that will make their projects better through, again, the magical computer. Giving children the exciting world of encyclopaedias to explore, Geetika brings another side to the computer -- on October 16. Empowering kids with knowledge, it might be a good idea to go and learn. Making the dull information of encyclopaedia relevant and exciting, this promises to be an interesting experience.

From the magical world of computers to the original magicians - stories -- the British Council brings a story-telling workshop. Bringing an alternative reality to young children to enhance their skills to concentrate and instil better social skills, this workshop is aptly titled "Suno Kahanee''. Conducted by Simi Srivastava, who has been trained in story narrations and has been in the field for five years, the workshop will give children a chance to look beyond the story. Simi firmly believes that the story has the power to install values and introduce children to problem solving. This workshop will be conducted on October 30.

Giving children a chance to widen their horizons and think out of the box, these workshops are an important way to give kids that creative edge. All the workshops are open to the children as well as the families of the members of the library. The registration fee is Rs. 100 per participant. The registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Meant for children above 11 to 15 years, the only workshop that is open to younger children is "Suno Kahanee''.

By Mandira Nayar

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