Educate people on road safety

The toll in road accidents goes up one year, comes down for a few months and goes up again if statistics of the police department are correct. The number of road accidents appears to grow in proportion to the increase in the number of vehicles.

The fact that pedestrians and two-wheeler riders outnumber other accident victims is distressing.

Including road safety in school curriculum and making helmets compulsory for those riding two - wheelers, has become essential.

S. Pishe, Indiranagar

A recent cover story in an international news magazine described how Asia's highways take a heavy toll. Closer home, road accidents are steadily increasing in our city. Pedestrians are often the victims.

A separate lane for bicycles, and even powered two-wheelers, and manned pedestrian crossings have become necessary. There can be signal lights at pedestrian crossings indicating when it is safe to cross.

G. Muthuswamy, Ulsoor

There was a lot of excitement about the "Safer Roads to Schools" campaign by the city traffic police. There seems to have been little or no follow-up or at least no media reports about this having happened. Safety and road discipline should be taught in schools well before the children are old enough to be driving.

S.R. Srinivasan, N.R. Colony

While the liberalised economy is flooding the market with bigger and more powerful cars, road safety has taken a back seat. Even the drive to make the driver and front seat passenger wear safety belts appears to have slowed down.

Safety belts in cars and helmets for those on two-wheelers, pillion riders included, should be made mandatory and enforced strictly.

V.N. Narasimha, Basavanagudi

Not enough has been done to persuade people to drive safely and with due regard for others on roads. Traffic jams and the resulting frayed tempers are usually the result of haphazard driving and the "might is right" mentality.

G. Manjunath, R.T. Nagar

If almost every fourth person has a vehicle, as reported recently in The Hindu , it is not surprising that there are so many road accidents.

Many, if not most, accidents happening at night can be attributed to drunken driving and there is no continuous effort to curb this.

Policemen should be posted close to bars and pubs and they should keep a watch on those who stay inside till closing time.

V. Padmanabha, Viveknagar

The Transport Department, along with enlightened traffic police officers and road safety experts, should device an effective training programme, which should be followed by every driving school.

Cities such as Delhi have learning tracks where road safety awareness is tested and driving skills updated.

There is no reason why we should not have one in Bangalore too.

J. Samuel, Austin Town