Dynamic CoP

Is the Kotwal of Hyderabad, M.V. Krishna Rao, a `beloved' man for his subordinates?

When an Inspector addressed him as our `beloved Commissioner' at the police Retreat - 2002, Krishna Rao mildly objected to it. "Even my wife does not call me beloved nowadays. I do not think I am a beloved man," he sort to cut short his subordinate.

Not to be outdone, the Inspector corrected himself, but used another adjective to describe the Commissioner. This time, `beloved' was replaced by `our dynamic Commissioner'. And the Commissioner could not disagree with the Inspector.

The retreat provided some insight into the thinking of the city police chief. He advised his men to videograph any unruly acts on roads and send the videotape across to video channels, which would be too glad to telecast the tapes.

"But where do we get the video cameras sir, '' another police officer wanted to know. "Buy them,'' was the cryptic answer from the police chief. But everyone let it go on who would provide funds to the police.

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