DVD collection a huge draw at British Library

The British Library has substantially enriched its movie collection on DVDs over the past few months to cater to a growing demand for the same from members, especially its `family members.'

As of date, the library has more than 500 DVDs featuring, among other things, some of the best award-winning English movies ever produced.

To facilitate the increased use of these DVDs, the library has introduced a new category of family membership - the Rs. 2,000 category - wherein a member can take six books, three journals and two DVDs at a time. Already, 40 people have signed up for this category of membership, which was introduced on May 1. Some existing members too have expressed a desire to switch over to the new category, says library manager T.K. Subramoni. The library has also placed orders for 300 more DVDs of feature films and children's tales.

However, the DVD collection is not just about good movies. There are titles that help further the library's stated aim of promoting the learning of English; the four DVDs containing `Mind Your Language,' the popular BBC series, are typical examples. Members who love English literature - a category that has often complained about being left out in the library's drive for modernisation and for becoming a professional-friendly library - would no doubt be pleased by the seeing such titles as `King Lear,' `Henry V' or `Macbeth' in the DVD racks.

Members who love tales from the gas-lit Victorian era, those stories in particular that have their origin in a certain apartment in the legendary `Baker Street,' can feast their eyes on the six titles of the exploits of Sherlock Holmes. There are a few movies in the collection from the black-and-white era, including the immortal `Roman Holiday.'

G. Mahadevan

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