Drumming change

Yasmin on the drums.

Yasmin on the drums.  

SO YOU thought only men could rock'n roll? Last Friday, you sure were proved wrong then. Female vocalists ruled at the Unwind Centre when the French band from Chennai Bleu and ClockWork Orange from Bangalore launched into their act at the Live 1o1 concert.

Rainbow, Elvis, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osborne, Van Halen_ all brought alive once again through the voice of Sameera Mohammad, Bobby (guitars), Narayanan (bass) and Yasmin on drums. Yasmin is said to have stopped a few hearts when she belted out the Rush song, Tom Sawyer.

As Bangalore gears up for Elton John this weekend, Chennai on Friday will listen to local bands Bedford (hard rock out- fit), Brothers In Arms (groove punk rock) and Lambadi Lungis and Chorus Mangalam (accapella band from MCC).

Call 3740858 for passes.

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