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Bringing in a `path-breaking' concept.

Bringing in a `path-breaking' concept.  

IN WHAT could be a relief to truck owners, consigners and consignees, the Bangalore-based Bharath on Wheels (BOW) has developed a vehicle tracking system which will help to know the location of trucks on the National and State Highways across the country.

The concept is simple. All a truck driver needs to do is to make a local call (anywhere in India) and convey messages about vehicle breakdown, damage to load or ill health to the transport operator, through an Interactive Voice Response System. The message can be accessed by those concerned by logging onto `' after entering the card number.

"We have trained telephone booth operators along the important routes to assist truck drivers in using the cards," says the BOW Managing Director, P.S. Selvaraj, after launching the services in the city.

"We have developed a unique software, which is effective and foolproof. Compared to the cost of STD calls made by truck drivers to communicate the status of consignment, the card is economical. Alternative arrangements are made to transport the goods in the event of any untoward incident," he says.

The "driver-friendly" card is valued at Rs. 300 a month for the national-permit vehicles, Rs. 200 for zonal and Rs. 100 for State-permit ones.

The BOW provides its services through franchisees, who are trained in technical, operational and marketing aspects, and they are supported by advertisements. The information recorded through the IVRS will reach the nearest franchisee online, and he will do the data compiling and transmission work.

Other transport solutions through the BOW cards include information on load availability to truck owners, health-care facility to the crew en-route and assistance in case of emergency. "With a local call, the driver can keep everyone informed of his location. We want to revolutionise the operations and management of the transport industry."

This is not all. The BOW claims to have professional expertise in providing design and programming solutions for cargo/fleet management.

"Transport industry is the biggest in the country, and has a considerable share in the nation's economy. We are only trying to solve its logistical and operational hiccups, putting to use the present day technology," Mr. Selvaraj adds.

Vijay Kumar S.

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