Diwali with a difference

AS HAS been the case with her over the past few years, Delhi's Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, celebrated Diwali in a different manner. In a touching gesture, she decided to distribute all that she received as Diwali gift, from sweets and chocolates to blankets and the rest, to the needy and the disadvantaged.

And even as her Government continued with the "Say No to Crackers'' campaign, she lit up the homes of senior citizens, women and others by choosing to celebrate Diwali with them. "It was a nice gesture on her part and it made Diwali truly a festival of lights,'' said an official close to the Chief Minister, adding that all the gifts packets she received -- and there were any number of them -- were carted away in trucks for distribution among the needy.

And while the gesture was commended by many others close to her, it only went to prove that Ms. Dikshit is as much committed to social welfare as she is to other matters concerning governance. It was, as they say, leading by personal example.

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