Destination U.S.

HERE IS yet another seminar, again for those hoping to go to the U.S. to study.

This time, for prospective degree, post graduate students and doctoral candidates.

Organised by the Indus Foundation, New Jersey, U.S. and Total Guidance American Education, the seminar will be held on Sunday, October 10, at Hotel GRT Grand Days.

Representatives from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Middle Tennessee State University; Lake Land College, Illinois; Monroe College, New York and the Indus Foundation, New Jersey, will participate in the seminar, providing details about the admission procedure and interviewing candidates who wish to take up offers abroad.

Officials from the United States Consulate will brief the participants on current visa procedures.

Representatives of banks will also be available at the venue for guidance on obtaining educational loans.

Further information about the seminar can be obtained from the office of Total Guidance American Education, 1st Floor, Jammi Building, 125/63 Royapettah High Road, Chennai — 600004.

By Ramya Kannan