Designer clothes for children

CLOTHES MAKE a man complete. Well, this is not just confined to men and women. Now, toddlers and the tiny-tots too share a major part of the designer clothes market.

Toddler clothing was famous in the West. Over the years, with international brands launching their toddler clothing range in India, trendy clothes have found a place for themselves in the country.

More than the children themselves, shopping for designer clothes for them seems to have become a passion among parents. They seem to fancy that the trendy outfits that adorn their children will become the talk of the town.

Designer wear brands are available through specialists who design children's clothing and sell them at boutiques. These are produced in limited numbers and sometimes made to order.

Each new season brings entirely new collections, often with their own theme or "story." Clever touches such as reversible tops and jackets, fun appliqu�s and fine embroidery make them stand out from the rest.

It is not just about fashionable design. The clothes, as many of the designers put it, are produced from quality material with close attention to detail.

Online children's clothing stores have come as a boon, feels a mother of a five-year-old.

Online shopping has made purchasing easy. At a click you get to see a variety of designer clothes and can pick up the best.

The exclusive designer children's clothes available here are not only superbly styled, but are hardwearing too. Such clothes these days do not come with the tag: "Only dry wash". They can also be hand or machine washed.

It is parents, who love to dress their babies in the best available designer clothes, who have drawn the attention of top designers to focus their creative talents on such products.

"Designer baby clothes earn large profit margins for the designers. Not to mention the major retailers and speciality boutiques, which ensure something extravagant for the parents with indulgent tastes.

"Such extravagance might just seem outrageous at times. But you should not be surprised at the availability of Gucci or Versace gears in sizes befitting toddlers," says Gopinath, a market analyst.

As the trend catches on, the smallest upscale boutiques cannot but succumb to the parents' tastes. But what makes one ponder is the reason for buying expensive designer clothes for a tiny tot who will outgrow the outfit in a short time.

"Besides conventional wear, party wear necessarily needs to be classy and jazzy.

"And that's why the designer clothes. It has also now become more of a status symbol," says Shyama, a frequent customer at a boutique in Bangalore.

By Vidyashree Amaresh