Delightful dilemma

Knock, Knock, I'm looking to marry. Yet another cross-over movie, directed and produced by Anita Udeep.

A contemporary romantic comedy highlighting the dilemma faced by the present generation caught between the traditional arranged marriage scenario and the modern love marriage.

In the lead male role is Suhaas Ahuja, making his debut. He has finished a film course in the U.S. and is a VJ in Southern Spice music. In the lead female role is Radhi, who has played the leading lady in many Tamil movies including Gummalam, Enge Enathu Kavithai, and Pallavan.

This film has been shot in digital mode and transferred into a 35 mm format. The director said that "this helps the film to connect personally, making it casual with simple dialogues".

Anita, proprietor of N-Viz Entertainment, is also making her debut as writer, producer, and director with this film. She has finished her engineering in India followed by a three-year masters in film and TV production from Los Angeles.

Speaking to mediapersons in Bangalore, Anita said that she has cast new faces to give a fresh look that will create a new chemistry on screen. Asked what inspired her to make this movie, she said the storyline reflects "the problems faced by this generation with their parents, who fail to understand them'.

The film is all set for release in Bangalore on December 25 at Innovative multiplex.

By Sahana Charan

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