Dealing with diabetes

Free health checks, poster exhibitions, seminars and public awareness campaigns will mark the observance of World Diabetes Day by a host of organisations in the city on Friday.

On cue from the International Diabetes Foundation, the organisations will focus on the slogan `Diabetes could cost you your kidneys'.

The Thiruvananthapuram Medical College is organising a special drive for the blood sugar estimation of diabetes patients as well as their relatives.

The departments of internal medicine, endocrinology and nephrology will coordinate a programme for `urine albumin assay' to detect early kidney involvement in diabetics, says B. Jayakumar, endocrinologist at the Medical College.

Patients would be educated on measures to keep their diabetes under control and avoid complications. Pamphlets will be distributed among patients and the public.

Students, doctors and patients will jointly undertake a pledge to strive towards improving the public understanding of diabetes and betterment of the victims on the occasion.

The Indian Medical Association is organising blood sugar checks for the public and the services of experts for patients. It will also hold awareness campaigns on avoiding complications from diabetes. It will also offer urine sugar checks at subsidised rates. Registration for the programme is available over telephone numbers 2463514 and 2575630.

The KIMS hospital has arranged a free medical examination camp on the occasion. The camp, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., will offer diagnosis, essential drugs and tips on diabetes prevention measures.

The SUT Hospital, an early bird in putting in place comprehensive diabetology services for patients, has also planned several programmes for patients as well as the public.

The Asianet news channel chipped in with a live phone programme featuring a panel of experts on the eve of World Diabetes Day.

By Dinesh Varma M