Dasara dhamaka

CM: Mein kahan hoon?

POLICE: Hospital mein.

SCENE 2. CM: What happened all this while?

POLICE: PW paas aaye. Mine blast karaye.

Unhone najane kya khatre dikhaye! Ab to hamaara dil jaage na sota hai!

CM: Kyon mine blast hua? Kyon aapne detect nahin kiya!

POLICE: Na tum jaano na hum!

CM: How dare they! Mere aangane mein PW ka kya kaam hai?

Take your Dasara bonanza. You are suspended

POLICE: No objection sir!

Apurva Iyengar, Secunderabad

Congrats! You have won gift hampers worth Rs.550 which can be redeemed at any textile shop selling White House garments in your town.