Cycling for sale of pots

Empty pots cry for water.

Empty pots cry for water.  

BURNING BRIGHT. With the onset of summer, the black tar makes the citizens grumble over the boiling temperature even before the dog days simmer its way to drain them, virtually and physically. The torrid heat makes them crave for humidity.

But a small section of the citizens seems to be really happy even as the womenfolk are worried over water management. The serpentine queues by women at hand pump locations can be easily spotted. If not, the waiting takes another form by lining up for the corporation water tanker that is seen as `Varuna Bhagavan'.

Madurai district, known for artificial water scarcity that faces the frenzy of the dwellers, has 13 blocks categorised into dark, grey and white areas based on exploitation of the utilisation of ground water. But the one small section that goes glad, unmindful of depletion and drought, is the petty traders dealing with plastic pots.

Sunny over the reaction of the sun, these hawkers and vendors cycle through the surrounding villages and hamlets carrying the colourful water pots for a decent income. However, they help make the difference by taking a role in the process of effective household water management.

But it's not possible for them to know the just passed World Water Day (March 22) with a theme for the year - `Water for development'. The development in this part can be discerned if the line of plastic pots lessens, thereby indicating the effective water supply.

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