Cuisine semantics

MADURAITES HAVE been coming across hotels, restaurants and eateries, which vie with one another to conduct food festivals.

Such festivals are named after Chettinad, `Puttu', `Dosa', `Parotta', and what not. This concept goes down well with the masses, since the varieties offered are familiar in this region. As a matter of fact, these festivals are organised at the slightest opportunity.

Well. It is everybody's knowledge why such initiatives are being taken. For the organisers, it is an `expression of culture'. To some extent, this is the chance for them to be in the limelight, though for a while. But basically, it is to widen the customer base.

But now, there is another kind of attempt on the part of the owners to widen the customer base. By slashing prices. Surprised? Yes indeed. A couple of restaurants on the northern side of the city have reduced the cost of food items, allowing for the drought conditions in the region.

Their logic is simple. They believe that by lessening the financial burden of customers, they are doing their part in lessening the impact of drought. This gesture is appreciated by the public, especially the customers from rural areas, where agriculture is a main occupation.

It is another matter that despite the reduction in the cost of food items, the profit margin remains the same, for there is a commensurate increase in patronage.

By Krishnamoorthy R.