Crusade against piracy

Photos: P.V.Sivakumar

Photos: P.V.Sivakumar  

Teja of `Chitram' fame is well known for his films. But, what most film buffs would not possibly know is that he is also known for his crusade against piracy.

When his maiden production, `Jayam', was released in 2002, he went `out of the way' to catch pirates.

He used to go around with a bunch of his associates and `raid' lending libraries and hand them over to the police if pirated cassettes of CDs were found.

On Thursday, Teja was present at a press conference called by the police to announce the arrest of 26 persons who were allegedly dealing in pirated CDs. For one who is normally seen behind a movie camera, Teja made quite a sight as he went about taking pictures of the arrested with his digital camera.

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