Creating awareness on traffic laws

The Kochi chapter of the Association of British Scholars (ABS), comprising a group of professionals who were trained in England, aims to create awareness on traffic laws among the youth and support the police in managing vehicular traffic in the city. Posters urging students to abide by the traffic discipline and laws will soon be displayed at all the schools in the district.

Efforts are on to create a civic sense among the youth. The posters, printed in English and Malayalam with the aid of the city police, also urge the students to help elderly citizens cross the roads. Five hundred such colour posters have already been printed. Quizzes on themes displayed on the posters will be held in the district to ensure that the message goes down well with the children. The ABS will felicitate traffic policemen who put up exemplary performance in managing traffic. They will be nominated by the department, says an office-bearer of the association. It plans to sponsor a traffic island and is waiting for the police to identify a location for setting up the island.

The association will also print booklets on traffic laws and guidelines.

K.S. Sudhi

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