Cracks in the effort

Prayatnam (Telugu)

Cast: Pridhvi, Sujitha,

Nagababu, L.B. Sriram

Director: P. Sunil Kumar Reddy

IT IS a routine rich boy and poor girl love theme. Status conscious father of Pridhvi his son should marry a girl of his choice. The only alternative left for the adamant boy and equally adamant father is to go separate ways. He marries Sujitha and sets up a software company. The couple is blessed with a child and lead a happy life till his friend Surya (Surya) ditches him. Pridhvi comes across a heartless moneylender (L.B. Sriram) and borrows money from him. When he fails to pay back, the moneylender creates an embarrassing situation for Pridhvi.It is a kind of fightback that persons in dire circumstances adopt and the director tries to project the hero's attempts to resurrect his career.

Narration drags on

The narration drags in the first half with Pridhvi expressing his wish to marry his lover and his father vetoing it. Last scenes, too, are stereotyped showing the father welcoming his son back into the family fold.

Some of the other roles may not have a direct link to the main drama like Tanu Roy displaying her guts upon being chased by rowdies. Nagababu plays an interesting but a brief role of a police officer.

Pridhvi gets a satisfying role while Sriram's tantrums induce some life to the film. Nagababu adds to histrionic strength. S.V. Sivaram, a new hand at photography, proves promising. Musical support is passable.

By Gudipoodi Srihari