Cool your heels in Kodai

THE PRIVATE sectors also undertake little efforts to develop tourism - not without any monetary benefits. Summer has to be tackled with cool packages, though not freezing ones. Kodai, endowed with better atmosphere with an elevation much higher than the `Queen of Hills' is always at the reach of Maduraites to provide them the much needed rest and respite.

To experience the composed effect in the hilly aura will indeed be a memorable day. But the youngsters who zoom on their bikes curving along the hairpin bends have to take a day off.

The couples, however, can go ahead for a stay.

A tie-up between the Taj Garden Retreat, Madurai, and The Carlton, Kodaikanal, has made the package feasible with all facilities for the sophisticated pairs with children below six years.

Traditional of its kind is the other offer - Heritage and Temple package. More a pilgrimage, the stay would be in Swamimalai in an agraharam converted into a resort. One can go on with their prayers to Lord Bragadeshwarar (Thanjavur) catching a glimpse of the typical Chettinad in a cool cab.

Wait for the All Fools Day to get started - not to get fooled but to enjoy the sojourn. All that you have to do is to save a lumpsum amount for a pick of the package.

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